Flavors from Italy. For over twenty years.

The Mario Coppo Specialità Alimentari company, located in the municipality of Camporosso in Liguria, has very distant roots. Our family has successfully dealt with production for generations: initially soft drinks, then of alcoholic drinks and for over twenty years it has been producing gastronomic specialties, enhancing the noblest and purest ingredients of the Italian territory. Always looking for new recipes and combinations to offer innovative tastes and in line with new food trends that can satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates.

Coppo: the pleasure of eating well.
A chef's choice

Special sauces, sauces, pesto and paté are the result of passion for the art of eating well and spending special moments together such as those around the table. Our tasty specialties are chosen in Italy and around the world for the preparation of appetizers, appetizers for seasoning pasta or accompanying meats, fish and cheeses, while the new flavoured salts and sugars, maximizing the flavour of the basic ingredients, also stimulate the most avant-garde chefs to personalize and make their dishes unique, original and refined.